Corporate School Paranorama

This time when I went home to celebrate Sankranti, I had an opportunity to attend the awards function for the Science Talent Search Examination conducted by Dr.A.S.Rao Awards Council. This is one of the prestigious examinations conducted in Andhra Pradesh, both in terms of the quality of the question paper as well as the intent behind conducting the exam.
Anyway, The kids who got the awards were being called upon and also mentioned were the father’s name, the school and the district. The school names stuck me as highly peculiar. The school names in my time used to be simple, for example mine was a central school. Similarly there were public schools and others. But now, there are these huge gamut of other schools which are named as school of excellence, school of talent, grammar school etc etc.
The very fact that the names of the schools are renamed in such fashion speaks volumes about how the education system, and the perception of education itself has changed with time. Now, education is business too, and you got to sell it, and sell it better than the guy next to you. And having a cool brand name surely helps. What with all these parents flocking to get their children into IITs by hook or crook, the schools will flourish like crazy.


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