I was wondering how I would perceive this image if I didn’t have the knowledge of numbers. I always seem to arrive at numbers in some way or the other no matter where I start. Any inputs?


3 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. anupam sorabh

    Whenever there is order , congruency and absence of uniqueness in a image one tends to always think in terms of numbers.
    In the picture all the guys are standing in a st line , and are similar in more ways than they are different , hence numbers . And now just imagine in place of all guys it is a combination of men ,objetcs and animals and they are randomy placed in a two dimensional plane would u still interpret the image in numbers…..

  2. srivani Post author

    What struck me most was the realization that numbers are so central to our existence that we cannot imagine a world without it. Its almost as if they were a discovery and not an invention. Almost as if man was meant to discover them.They weren’t accident. Sounds fancy, but …

  3. anupam sorabh

    I don’t know how u have come to the realization about the discovery of numbers , but once I had the following strange visions abt numbers;
    1) Each arabic(indian) numerals is not just a symbol but actually means the count it symbolizes, except number zero
    2) The numeric symbol for zero extends through time and space.
    3) Every tangible and intangible thing is primarly made of a combination of numeric symbols and these symbols extend in infinite dimensions.


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