Anytime I read this poem, I can find atleast one stanza that I can relate with at that moment. Here’s another one of my favorites.

Prapya nahin hai to, ho jaati
lupt nahin phir kyun haala,
Prapya nahin hai to, ho jaata
lupta nahin phir kyun pyaala;
Door na itni, himmat haaroon,
Paas na itni, paa jaaoon;
Vyarth mujhe daudaati maru mein,
Mrigjal bankar madhushala |


41 thoughts on “Madhushala

  1. srivani Post author

    🙂 Its not that hard. And I am not just bragging. Guess it needs a little bit of patience to know the meanings of certain words, that’s about it.
    Here are the meanings (off the top of my mind, I am very bad at this) of some tough words in the above poem

    prapya = destined
    lupt = gayab
    haala = wine/drink
    pyaala = wine-glass
    vyarth = bekaar mein
    maru = mirage
    mrigjal = oasis

    Try and read the poem once again now.

    1. Ashutosh

      Maru = Desert / Registaan
      Mrigjal = It is refered to “Mrigmarichika” means a false sense of water source in a heated place like deserts or even on the open roads in summer.

  2. dr jag mal singh

    Excellent hu m gribon ki kaha ni hai thik hi kha “aaj yhan chale kal vahan chale” me belong sansi caste which was described as discribed as criminal tribes by English people as they were so afraid us .Now included in SC but no benefit is being given as no plitician or influencial belong this community .


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