Gunaahon ka devata

Novel by Dharmveer Bharathi
The language of a book, in my opinion, influences the way you look at the characters, the plot, the conflicts etc. a lot. Hindi is any day closer to my sensibility than English. I realized that while reading a Hindi novel, I am a lot more sensitive, a lot more conforming, a lot more accomodating than I am when I read an English one.

“Gunahon ka devata” was written in the 1970s, if I am not mistaken. One of the classics in Hindi literature. I should say, the book is pretty progressive for its age. Conflicts in relationships is the central theme of the book. It raises a lot of questions and attempts to answer some. I might not agree with the author completely, but its nevertheless nice to know that others go through the same things you do.

But that is all I am willing to talk about here. Read the book to know more :-p


18 thoughts on “Gunaahon ka devata

  1. Anomalizer

    I am a lot more sensitive, a lot more conforming, a lot more accomodating than I am when I read an English one.

    I can say the same about poerty, not about prose.

  2. Anomalizer

    There are a couple of shops in Avenue road that sell Hindi books, maybe you should try them. I know I know, this is like you looking for brown truffles and me suggesting that you go try at Food World but still…

  3. NRI missing India

    I read that book when I was in my middle school, hiding under sofa, because I was not permitted to read novels at that tender age.
    Still, every chapter is imprinted on my mind. I was just googling when this blog surfaced.
    Nice blog, keep updating..!

  4. Vivek

    Does any body know the relation between “et ki machhali “(composed by kanti bharati) and “Gunaho ka dewata “(Dharam veer bharati)

  5. sachin sharma

    I read this book three times. whenever i feels that i am missing right path of life i take the help of this book.
    If any body wants to understand the meaning of love. he/ she must read this novel

  6. Piyush Kashyapa

    I read this novel in 1st year of my college days, during 1st semester exams. It have so much griping that I not able to control myself finishing it before my syllabus.

  7. shantanu goel

    I was searching for songs of the movie based on the same novel. Found your blog. Its great to know of people having same interests.
    Maine Gunaahon ka devata kuch 7-8 baar padhi hai. Har baar kuch nayi samvedanaaon aur ehsaas se hokar gujarata hai. Aur yeh kitaab dharmveer bhaarati ki pahali upanayaas rachana thi, jo unhone apane college ke dinon mein likhi thi.
    Dharmveer bharti ki hi kahaniyon ka sangrah “Band Gali ka aakhiri makaan” padhiye….Na bhula dene waala anubhav rahega..
    khaaskar se “idann mam” naamak kahani….

  8. nitendra tripathi

    This is not a simple book, this is the heart of “Dharm veer Bharti”. What he wrote , that was his own story i think. The way in which he presented the Allahabd of that time that was amaging.

  9. srivani Post author

    @shantanu Thanks for the suggestion. I would love to read the book. I had read “Suraj ka sathwan ghoda”, and I thought it was outstanding.

  10. Sagar

    I m Sagar , I read the Gunahon Ka dewta.That is wonderful book For any one..if ny one want to know about love plz Read this book.

  11. Pathak

    Dharam Veer Bharti had written Gunahon ka Devata, just after passing his graduation. It was not written in 1970 but much before. He did not write much after becoming editor of Dharmayug in 1960. He wrote mainly editorials afterwards.

  12. rashmi

    hi i m rashmi
    this novel tell us true meaning of told me love is not meaning of getting each other it can be after having distance


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