Long time no see

I know I have abandoned this blog for a while now. Been pretty involved with stuff, so couldn’t find enough time to pen down anything. Most of all, I wanted to write about my Kodai trek and my trip to Mumbai. Will probably do that some day soon. I have also made two trips to home (Hyd), one to Tirupathi, attended weddings, wedding receptions and house-warmings of friends and family. Been watching Desperate Housewives (I know I am cheap :-D) for a few weeks. 41 out of 72 episodes down. Reading this crazily funny book called “Barrister Parvateesam” by M. Narasimha Sastry.

So now you know what I have been busy with 😀

Anyway, this is what happened yesterday …
I posted a few pics of me in a saree from one of the weddings that I attended recently. I made the photos “Friends only”, but it turned out I don’t have nice friends …

(11:22:43) Srivani: check out my flickr to see some pics of srivani auntie
(11:22:44) Srivani: 😀
…….. After seeing the pics
(11:28:46) Sudhir: aiyyoooo
(11:30:50) Srivani: whatever happened to plain old “you look nice” compliments??????
(11:31:52) Sudhir: aiyoooooooo
(11:32:44) Srivani: :-((


2 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. siva

    hey m jst writing down bcoz…….
    i want the book of barrister parvateesam
    i hav already studied the 1st part n m eager to read the next 2
    y dont u jst help me finding the book
    plz mail me on
    u can also use this in orkut n can send me a scrap
    i really need it very urgently
    i really will be thankful to do me this favour


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