Hum deewanon ki kya hasti

Hum deewanon ki kya hasti
Hain aaj yahan kal wahan chale,
Masti ka aalam saath chala
Hum dhool udaate jahaan chale ||

Aaye bankar ullhaas abhi,
Aansoon bankar beh chale abhi,
Sab kehte hi reh gaye, arey!
Tum kaise aaye, kahaan chale ||

Kis or chale? Mat yeh pooncho,
Chalna hai bas isliye chale,
Jag se uska kuch liye chale,
Jag ko apna kuch diye chale ||

Do baat kahii, do baat sunii,
Kuch hanse aur phir kuch roye,
Chhak kar sukh dukh ke ghoonton ko,
Hum ek bhav se piye chale ||

Hum bhikmangon ki duniya mein,
Swacchand lutaakar pyaar chale,
Hum ek nishaani ur pe,
Le asaphalta ka bhaar chale ||

Hum maan rahit, apmaan rahit,
Ji bharkar khulkar khel chuke,
Hum hanste hanste aaj yahan,
Praanon ki baazi haar chale ||

Ab apna aur paraaya kya,
Abaad rahe rukne waale,
Hum swayam bandhe the, aur swayam
Hum apne bandhan tod chale ||

Do not know who the poet is. Enlighten, if you do.


75 thoughts on “Hum deewanon ki kya hasti

  1. Anonymous

    This poem used to be in my coursebook and though had forgotten the author a google search reminds that this is written by Bhavaticharan Varma. (Found here).

  2. Anonymous

    Oops! Forgot that at wordpress one isn’t truly anonymous!
    Must find some better way to surprise you! 🙂

  3. varun tyagi

    i read the poem wwen i used to b in 9th standard. i remembered 3 para nd searchin for the poem 4 long. thanks very much

    1. nityanand pandey

      oh!b u caant blv it how happy m after reading SWATI.
      really f someone has understand the transformation
      of a child into teen , it is our pyari hindi book.

  4. srivani Post author

    @varun Yes, I had always identified with the first verse and only remembered that. After a while, I even forgot the author or anything else about the poem. Only the first four lines remained in my memory. Internet is a powerful place – found the poem on a website and transliterated here.

    @meera Thanks. Yeah, I remember Swati. Used to be my favorite book. Coming from a southern state, I did not have access to any Hindi books other than text books. But I really loved the language. So i used to read the poems in Swati over and over again. 🙂

    @Govind Dhanyawad.

  5. Pravin

    BIG thanks for taking effort and putting in all the poetry. I was searching for some of them for ages.

    I know it is not easy, but if you can get the “Hindi in English” and “Urdu in English” stuff in Devnagari it will be a big help.

    Best regards,

  6. sachin

    Gud effort yaar..hv been searching for this poem for long….i think thr is 1 more stanza to it..i don remember 1st 2 lines but last 2 lines of it are

    “abhishaap utha kar hothon par vardaan drigon se chhod chale”

  7. anushil

    the great genious poet who penned this immortal lines were
    bhagwati charan you know it was him who gave dilip kumar the screen name.his real name is yusuf

  8. Shriti

    It was a pain in the school days to memorise all the poems but the significance and the real meanings are realised now. Trying to live my life inspired b these immortal lines. Hindi Rocks!!

  9. Prithvi

    We had this poem in 7th standard. I loved it then and I love it now. It is one poem that I identify with. Everything I wish to be, and everything I do seems to be spoken of here.It’s a wonderful philosophy. I love the rhythm of the poem too. Kudos to Bhagavati Sharan Varma!!!

  10. ruchira

    hey thnkss yaar i enjoyed reading this throughout my school days n lost my handwritten copy of it,.. thnkss very much..

  11. Vineet Bahl

    Hi Friends,

    I think you missed the Most lovable line.

    Abishap Utha Apney Hotey par
    Hum Vardan Durgoo sey chood chaley

  12. Salik Shah

    I was going through my niece’s textbook last night and I found this beautiful poem by Bhagwaticharan Varma. I wrote it down on a sheet of a paper early this morning before coming out of the house. I read it on a train. I read it on a bus. And now am here at my workplace, writing on your blog, that I am proud to say, I know each line of the poem by heart.

    But the sixth stanza of the poem was missing in the children’s book:

    Hum maan rahit, apmaan rahit,
    Ji bharkar khulkar khel chuke,
    Hum hanste hanste aaj yahan,
    Praanon ki baazi haar chale

    I think I know the reason why they didn’t include that in the book. It’s so depressing. But it makes the poem really complete. I wanted to play with the words, but now I see there’s no need for it.

  13. upali aparajita

    I was going through my book and i found this poem and it really touched my heart i love the way it was written in

  14. Ravindra Srivastava

    The poet is Shri Bhagvati Charan Varma. This song was picturised in Kishore Sahoo starer ‘Raja’

  15. vishwanath

    Thanks friends i m sarching the poem from last 6years and now my sarch is completed…thank u once again…

  16. neha

    hindi literature cannot forget the contributions of bhagwati charan verma for all he did. so we are really proud of him.

  17. Vicky

    Srivani ji, Great poem and hugely nostalgic for me. BTW, you missed the second last stanza of the peom:

    “Hum bhala-bura sab bhool chuke,
    natmastak ho mukh mod chale,
    abhishaap uthaakar honton par,
    vardaan druggon se chhod chale”

    Some users have pointed out the fallacy, but this is the complete stanza!

  18. mahesh

    can any tell me if the audio song is available,since I have heard it once in the morning on vividh bharti.

  19. bhuvi jindal

    this poem iz really very gud………just inspiring….i dont know how…….but inspiring!!!!! 🙂

  20. bilal

    mujhe yeh kavita bahut pasand hai from my ‘HEART’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  21. Sandeep Mehta

    I love the person who has taken pain to post the above motivating lines !!

    Hats off Srivani !!!!!!!

  22. premanshu

    thanks guys for reminding my school days.
    we used to recite the poem while going and returning from school on our bicycle.

  23. BNM

    I “studied” this poem 50 years ago (in 9th standard). I have never come acros the poem after that. But most of the poem has been engraved in my mind: I do not know why. For some reason, I decided to check my idea that it was Balkrishna Sharma ‘Navin’

    And I was very pleasantly surprised to see the entire poem again.

  24. ANANYA

    The poem is written by Sura Kant Tripathi ‘Nirila’. Shri Bhagwati Charan Verma was not a poet. By the way thanks, I simply love this poem. I was searching for it, finally i got it.

  25. aj

    one stanza is missing…
    one which has these lines… ‘abhishap utha ke othon pe , hum vardan drigo se chhod chale ‘

  26. Prithvi

    What can you say about the passionate?
    We are here today, elsewhere tomorrow
    We take the atmosphere of joy along (literal translation : fun)
    Wherever we go, (raising dust) ||

    We came as joy moments ago
    And in moments we’ll flow away as tears
    And everybody could only say
    “how did you come? which way will you walk?” ||

    which way will we walk? Don’t ask us that.
    we walk only because we must,
    Taking a little from the world with us,
    And leaving a little of ours for the world.

    we spoke two words, we heard two words,
    We laughed a little, then cried.
    and with relish, the sips of sorrow and joy,
    we drank in the same spirit of acceptance ||

    in this world of beggars,
    we stole hearts and earned love.
    In our hearts we took just one scar; (???)
    the weight of failure, but we walked on||

    we have no pride. We have no shame,
    We have already played to our hearts’ content
    And today we have laughingly
    Lost the bet on our lives and walked on.

    now what is ours, and what is another’s?
    The ones who stop walking remain prisoners,
    We too were imprisoned, and we ourselves
    Broke free of our shackles, and walked on.

    I hope that is a satisfactory translation. It’s not the literal translation of every word, because I tried to remain true to the spirit of the poem rather than the actual words.

  27. Prithvi

    “Hum bhala-bura sab bhool chuke,
    natmastak ho mukh mod chale,
    abhishaap uthaakar honton par,
    vardaan druggon se chhod chale”

    I missed this paragraph.

    We have forgotten good and bad,
    We simply turned away,
    Taking curses on our lips,
    And leaving blessings through our eyes.

  28. Prithvi

    Oh, as an afternote,

    If I remember right, this poem was written during the indo-chinese war in honor of the brave soldiers who, in their passionate love for the country, left behind everything to fight and protect our nation.

  29. Vijayambika

    Mai aapki bahut aabhari houn kyonke mai is kavita ko highschool me padi ti.aur ahindi prant k hone se aisi kavitaye milna mushkil hai.aise me mai is kavita ko lag bag 15 sal se doond rahi ti jo muje abhi mila . Sach me ye kavita bahut sundar hai.dhanyavad

  30. baggu

    ‘दीवानों की हस्ती ‘ पाठ में कवि भगवतीचरण वर्मा ने ऐसे लोगों का वर्णन किया है, जो फक्कड़ और दीवाने किस्म के हैं। उनके लिए समाज के नीति-नियमों का कोई महत्व नहीं है। मनुष्य की सेवा करना वे अपना कर्तव्य समझते हैं और सबसे समान भाव से प्रेम और व्यवहार करते हैं। वे अपने प्रयासों से समाज को प्रेम और आपसी सद्भावना का संदेश देते हैं। कवि के अनुसार लोग स्वयं को बेकार के बंधनों में उलझाकर रखते हैं। ऐसे लोग स्वहितों में अपना सारा जीवन व्यतीत कर देते हैं। दूसरों के सुखों को देखकर दुखी होना, कवि को सुहाता नहीं है। कवि इन सारी बुराइयों से दूर है। उसके लिए जीवन में किसी स्थान पर अधिक समय तक रूकना संभव नहीं है। वह स्वयं को सभी बंधनों से मुक्त रखना चाहता है। वह जहाँ भी जाता है, प्यार बाँटता हुआ जाता है। सबमें सुख देता हुआ जाना, उसे अच्छा लगता है। लोगों के स्वार्थी व्यवहार से उसे दुख भी होता है परन्तु यह उसके लिए ज्यादा महत्व नहीं रखता है। कवि इस कविता के माध्यम से संदेश देता है कि हमें ऐसा जीवन जीना चाहिए, जिसमें सबका हित और सुख भी सम्मिलित हो।
    hope it helps


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