I love reading books and its great if I can find a place where I can document/share my experiences. I was trying out weread.com. Their portable BookShelf (once you create your bookshelf you can carry it with you to orkut, facebook etc.) idea has generated a lot of traffic to the website, so it has a lot of users and content. But I am not entirely happy with the design of the website.

– When I sign in, I want to see a personalized home page. I want to see the books I have added, the reviews I have written, activities of my friends etc. The information on what general population is doing is secondary to me. Instead when I sign in, I see a page where a huge chunk of page is occupied by iReaders’ activities and there is no space for activities of my friends.

– I have already created a bookshelf. Why does the homepage still ask me to create a bookshelf after I sign in? Top quarter of the screen space is occupied by that, which is meaningless.

– There is no link to “Home”. But that is also because there is no homepage. I think that is bad design.

– Screen space seems to be poorly used in most webpages. There is a lot of content but the webpages are sparse which requires you to scroll a lot. Not cool. (A “An iReader has reviewed Blah Blah” takes 2 inches of screen space. I think that is unreasonable.)

I really want to use this website, but I get irritated when things are not intuitive or are cumbersome. I hope the weread.com people will read this blogpost. That is the only purpose to this post πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “weread.com

  1. Priya

    I know it’s kind of a pain to start another account on a different site… but for suggestion sake… you could try out goodreads.com… it has quite a lot of functions u r talking abt…odr site I have heard is shelfari, though I don’t use it. Anyways, I just noticed, u said u wud continue using the current site.. so just ignore the comment πŸ˜€

  2. Gautham

    Hi Srivani,

    I am a developer at weRead. It is users like you who motivate us to do what we do.

    As of now, if you have friends on weRead, you should be seeing the friend’s activities in the homepage. Also there are other places where we are showing relevant information from your friends.

    This is one of the reasons why we rebranded from ‘i’ to ‘we’ and you should see more of this soon.

    A few of the usability issues are being fixed. The homepage is linked via the weRead banner on the top left. I agree that this is not very apparent and we will fix it soon.



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